Brno, Czech Republic Review

Circuit Name : Brno

Opened : 1987

Lap Record : 1' 58.787 ( Valentino Rossi, 2005)

Fastest Lap Ever : 1' 56.191 ( Valentino Rossi, 2006)

Modified : 2002

Pole Position : Left

Length : 4423m

Turns : 13 (left:5 right:8)

Width : 11m Spectator

capacity around : 140000

A one-time road circuit the current track at Brno was built in 1987. Built in a natural amphitheatre it offers great viewing from many areas around the circuit. Your passes as well as giving you a reserved grandstand will also give you access to the whole circuit including the underpasses which allow you to wander right around the track and give you a great view from many points.

Lights go out!

With a reputation for close finishes (just look at the 2003 event) this event is a riders favourite, always producing great racing. By this stage of the Season everyone should be up to speed and the racing is bound to be some of the best. Add to this a fanatical crowd and you have a truly classic race meeting.

Our hotel for this event is 4 Star and situated close to the city centre. The nightlife in Brno is excellent and this hotel makes for a great centre from which to make the most of it. Transfers to and from the circuit are also included within your package.

Whether your first bike racing holiday or your 50th, Brno should be high on every bike racing fans list of must do’s.

Where is the circuit located?

Automotodrom Brno is situated in the locality of Kývalka, 16km from Brno and 2km from D1 Highway Prague - Brno


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