Trafic Tips on Donington Park

This information is for guidance. Routes may have to be changed in response to incidents or traffic flows. Please at all times follow the signposted routes (www.donington-park.co.uk) :

Traffic M1 Southbound

Cars leave the M1 at J24A and follow the YELLOW route
to Exit 1 through Castle Donington. Bikes leave at J24A and
follow A50 GREEN route to Exit 3, A514 and follow
GREEN route to the Motorcycle Park.

Traffic M1 Northbound

Bikes leave the M1 at J23 and follow the ORANGE route
on A512 to A42 onto A453 to join the RED route to the
Motorcycle Parking. Cars leave the M1 at J23A passing East
Midlands Airport on BLUE route into the new car park.

Traffic A50 Eastbound

All bikes leave at Exit 3, A514 and follow the GREEN route.
Cars continue to Exit 1 and follow the YELLOW route
through Castle Donington.

Traffic M42 / A42 Northbound

Leave at A453 Junction and follow RED route.
Do not use the M1 J23A exit.
Traffic A453 / A6 Westbound (Nottingham
and Loughborough)
Cross over the M1 J24. Cars and bikes take the BLUE route.

Leaving the event

Exit routes may differ from inbound routes, due to various
one-way systems and road closures, so please pay careful
attention to sign-posting.

The Redgate Corner surfaced parking area is open
Friday, Saturday and Sunday

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